A wedding reception at a mansion estate kicks off the end of the world in this unique new zombie apocalypse thriller series. Read on to learn more.

It all begins with The Last Party

Twenty-three-year-old Kate Foster is working a catering gig for an evening wedding reception at a beautiful mansion estate. It’s a night of champagne and music and dancing–and it’s a gig she really needs at a time when jobs are hard to come by.

But despite a handful of rude, demanding guests and a particularly presumptuous groomsman, Kate is having the time of her life, surrounded by wealth and gorgeous gardens and a luxurious pool she desperately wishes to dive into, catering uniform and all.

But then, with the arrival of a sick valet, all hell breaks loose . . .

Struggle ensues. Tables are overturned. The tent erupts in flames. Party-goers flee for their lives in their sports cars and Bentleys while others fall victim to vicious attacks.

What began as an elegant and delightful evening has turned into a blood-soaked nightmare . . .

With the exit quickly blocked and attendees filled with murderous rage, Kate has no choice but to find a place to hide, so she sneaks into the mansion and crawls into the back of a guest bedroom closet, where she cowers in the dark listening to the distant screams, the pounding of footsteps down the hallway nearby, and her own panicked breathing.

She loses consciousness, and the next morning she’s horrified to discover the estate crawling with the undead.

For weeks, Kate survives by locking zombies away in rooms, keeping quiet, and never venturing out into the gardens. But an uninvited guest is heading to the estate, a young woman named Morrigan who has fought her way across a city teeming with zombies, having suffered immeasurable loss. And together Kate and Morrigan must find a way to survive.

One might think a walled-off mansion estate with plenty of food in the pantry, bomb shelters in the basement, and the advantage of being up on a hill is the best place to live in the zombie apocalypse. But there’s just one problem.

Others are coming to take it from them.

Read the Prequel That Started It All

The Last Letter, available on Amazon

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